Loyalty, Loyalty or Commitment.... It is the virtue that expresses the credibility of a person against someone, a partnership, or anything. The Turkish Language Association expresses loyalty as a sincere commitment and a strong strong friendship.

Nowadays, the competitiveness of companies is becoming more and more difficult with the social and economic transformation triggered by technological developments and the power of the paradigm shifts. At this point, whether it is a physical goods producing company or a service enterprise, two important concepts that stand out for all enterprises are customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Nowadays, brands are struggling with each other to gain the loyalty of their customers and to find ways to keep them with them throughout their lives. Once satisfied with the customer that the bond reaches, the brands that can gain their loyalty can continue their assets and make their profitability stable.

At this point, it is possible to evaluate customer loyalty programs as campaigns aiming to create a win-win situation for both the company and its customers. Loyalty programs do not only increase customer dependence on companies, but also make them stable.

However, it is important to distinguish loyalty programs that increase and maintain customers loyalty programs from programs to increase sales and reward. Because loyalty programs are not only intended to reward and protect your customers, but also to recognize and manage customer behavior, as opposed to programs for increasing sales and rewarding. An effective loyalty program that monitors changes in customer behavior within the framework of targeted strategies provides an appropriate and compatible offer at the right time when the ideal situation occurs.

The most basic indicator of loyalty is that the customers prefer you instead of your opponent, buy more products, services and services at a higher quantity, variety and frequency, and recommend your products and / or services to others such as a brand ambassador.

The loyalty program is an outward reflection of a company's corporate culture. An effective, efficient and end-to-end loyalty program is designed to make your customers feel special to you. The advantages, privileges and rewards that your Loyalty program offers to your customers will make them feel special.