TUTKAL; By creating the most accurate and effective loyalty programs your brand needs, it provides a positive contribution to your customer experience and supports your consumer-based brand value.

TUTKAL integrates online systems that are the trend of the future into their projects; From software to design, from social media to media planning, from print catalog applications to online / offline gift sites, all the media produced in all of your brand with the best way to code, position and manage.

1) Loyalty Consultancy Services:

TUTKAL loyalty programs are not a single service offered to you, but a holistic presentation of your loyalty program, which meets the needs of your brand. TUTKAL designs, creates, tries and manages your loyalty project according to the needs of your sector.

2) Loyalty Applicaitons (B2B & B2C Channels)

Modular Score Software and Integration Services

TUTKAL’s special software and integration services for every project offers the best solution for your business needs. Within the scope of our Modular Score Software and Integration Services; portal software, online / offline gift site, modular score software, reporting and analysis panel, we provide unique technological infrastructure services that we will prepare according to your needs.

Web/Mobile Design Services

Knowing the importance of the elements used in the visual design works, the corporate identity of the company and the importance of loyalty, TUTKAL provides the most effective way to reach your goal of customer loyalty through web-based applications tailored to your company.

Mobile Applications

Mobile application does not leave your needs unresolved and we are developing for you on all platforms. We increase the participation of your loyalty program to your loyalty program and the success rate of your campaign, making it easier for your loyalty program to reach your target audience. We have designed a well-planned, powerful infrastructure with the same capabilities as your existing web application, but we also design it in completely differentiated structures. It is now much easier to be at your fingertips and even at the fingertips of your customers and users with applications that will be specially developed for you.

Loyalty Agency Services (Social Media , Portal etc.)

While making your loyalty program more productive with portal, gamification, badge / medal applications, social media identity creation and management, we bring your brand together with your customers in today's indispensable social media, and provide you with strong communication and interaction by supporting your brand language with special software, design and content supported creative projects.

Online/Offline Gift Website

TUTKAL attaches importance to online and offline compatibility, which increases the brand's visibility and creates a greater impact, and ensures that the content transformation is based on the specific objectives and the suitability of the design, with the awareness that these channels have their own goals as well as their common goals within the brand's marketing strategy.

In this context, online and offline gift websites offer more than 15,000 products in 30 categories to its loyalty program users.

Printed Catalog Applications

  • Are you targeting a periodic / off-season increase in sales?
  • Do you have difficulty in reaching your end-of-year sales targets?
  • Do you want to melt your stocks?
  • Do you want to increase the sales of your new products / products over the target amount?
  • Do you want to increase the market share of your products with low profitability?
  • We are bringing your products and / or services to your customers with our visual catalog works designed according to your brand's marketing strategy.

    Score Gift Certificates, Digital Gift Certificates

    Gift certificates and gift card applications, which are indispensable for loyalty projects, can be provided digitally depending on technological developments. TUTKAL the context of online gift sites and internal customers rewarding work, which allows cooperation of Turkey's leading textile, food, entertainment, decorations, hobby-games, cosmetics, sports-health companies such as project-based, including meat that voucher working with customer needs gift card supports with digital code, opportunity and discount codes.

    Organization and Holiday Services

    TUTKAL meets the individual domestic and international holiday and air ticket demands of its customers on online gift sites in the loyalty program. Whether or not loyalty project service is provided, the dealer meeting, seminar, training, product presentation and also offers organization services to companies for their needs.

    Warehousing and Logistics Services

    TUTKAL also provides warehousing and logistics services to companies, whether or not it is a loyalty program customer. With its 4,000 square meters of storage space in Sultanbeyli, Istanbul, the company provides the right and safe storage of your products and offers you the special means of shipment of bulk products with special options.

    3) Reporting Panels and Analyzes

    Sales reports, campaign reports, active / passive customer reports, point loading and expense reports, survey results, gift order and delivery reports, call center reports, performance reports or any other / all kinds of reports that you will need from your current data rapor and each data entered into our systems according to the points acquisition structure is easily reported at any time thanks to the modular structure.

    4) Whole Product Sales and Supply Network

    As TUTKAL, we provide the most efficient product variety to all our business partners with corporate maturity structures and corporate prices in line with the special agreements we have made with local and foreign brands that have high brand recognition and quality standards.

    5) Promotion Work

    TUTKAL; creating a club system by placing a gift within the product packaging, by increasing the number of product sales with the gifts fixed to the products, and by giving the promotional product (s) that will increase your brand awareness by providing sweepstakes and promotional products, Using staff reward systems to support your target audience in the most effective way to deliver services and products.

    6) Call Center Services

    TUTKAL, customer loyalty project prepared within the framework of your customers any requests and needs by experienced operations managers with call center and online live support options to increase your customer satisfaction.

    7) Video Production

    From creative concept development to production and post-production stages, we produce videos tailored to the needs and the media, and communicate with the target audience.