Nowadays, when the developing technology disrupts the concept of geographical market, the world has turned into a big market where even the enterprises in different continents can rival each other. This has led companies to replace traditional marketing trends with relational marketing ler approach based on trust and long-lasting relationships with customers.

Relational marketing that positively changes the business culture and adds value to this culture, considers each customer as an individual and establishes a one-to-one marketing relationship. Whether in production or service businesses, in relational marketing is to create brand loyalty by increasing the value of the target customer and customer satisfaction. It is unthinkable that businesses do not give importance to customer loyalty in an environment where competition and competition are taking place.

As a result of our researches and explanations that the acquisition of new customers is 4, 7, or even 10 times more costly to protect the existing customer, businesses aim to provide customer loyalty through loyalty programs, which offer various discounts and rewards to their frequent customers.

Tutkal, is preferred by Turkey's leading companies, the business partners with loyalty marketing projects supported by technological infrastructure reduces costs and create a lasting commitment.