Our Story

Started its journey in loyalty projects sector in 2006, Tutkal Bilişim Hizmetleri A. Ş. is a solution partner for companies that want to create customer loyalty and want to establish long-term, service-based, one-to-one relationship with the final consumer.

TUTKAL; With its experience in end-to-end customer experience with its holistic service approach, it provides reliable consultancy services to many leading companies in different sectors from telecommunication to food, from automotive to education, from banking to clothing, from construction to cosmetics.

With the most accurate and effective loyalty programs it creates, TUTKAL provides positive contributions to brands customer experience and supports consumer-based brand values.

Giving true loyalty programs adhering to innovative approach and experience, it provides strategic services, consultancy services, program infrastructure and design, mobile applications, agency services (social media management and portal etc.), online / offline gift site, catalog applications and reporting includes program development and activation at all stages of the customer experience.

If you want to create loyalty programs or develop your current project, TUTKAL has a special solution for you.