Loyalty Business Advantages

It is a fact that finding new customers for businesses or working with new customers is more costly than working with existing customers. Determining the profile of potential customers, informing these potential customers about the product / service, and perhaps making price reductions to encourage the trial of the product / service is always a cost item. However, working with existing / loyal customers is a strategy that reduces the marketing costs of businesses. Customers who are aware of the company's product / service have a mitigating effect on new product / service promotions.

Another important point for businesses to create loyal customers is to win strategic partners. The brand loyal customers share the problems, expectations and suggestions they face during the product / service production and marketing process with the management and thus provide the opportunity to provide an increased service quality after the arrangements they make with the feedback.

Undoubtedly, word-of-mouth marketing, defined as ir the transfer of experiences related to a product / service from person to person ”, is the oldest known marketing method and refers to many brands that are growing in this way in the world. It should be remembered that loyal customers are brand ambassadors and brands that want to use mouth-to-mouth marketing effectively are advised to take steps to increase customer satisfaction.