From A to Z Loyalty Projects in B2B & B2C channel

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We give the future with our solutions


To create the most accurate and effective loyalty program that your brand needs or to develop your current project, TUTKAL has a special solution for you.

We are listening

Our expert team receives information from your marketing and communication departments about the goals and needs of your brand / business.

We are targeting

In order to create a loyalty program that is in line with your company's marketing and communication goals, we clarify what your existing customers want and what they need, and determine your company's financial and organizational goals.

We are preparing

In the light of the resulting data, we are creating the best loyalty program for you and your customers, starting the software and design process.

We apply and control

After completing the planning and design phases of your loyalty program, we complete the technical infrastructure and integration processes of the customer experience.

We introduce and measure

At the last stage, we offer your loyalty program to your customers and measure them to increase the success of your program.


  • Club / Portal Applications

    Turkey's leading more than 70 companies rebate applications, we have included the dramatization process, social media management, medals / badges applications, using individual and company-specific extra points for working with applications such as firms internet technologies we provide to gain a competitive advantage.
  • Dealer / Agency Award Points Applications

    We are strengthening brand loyalty of dealers and agents through campaign and gift applications.
  • Employee Motivation / Seniority Applicaitons

    We implement rewarding practices that increase the motivation of employees by increasing their success and happiness.
  • Scale Campaing Applications

    In accordance with the short-term (1-3 months) sales targets, we offer a variety of gift alternatives based on the purchase amount and amount.


While we are often familiar with the fact that the acquisition of new customers is 4, 7, or even 10 times more costly to protect the existing customer, businesses aim to provide customer loyalty through loyalty programs, which offer various discounts and rewards to their frequent purchasers.

TUTKAL is preferred by Turkey's leading firms, the business stakeholder loyalty with projects supported by technological infrastructure reduces the cost of marketing and loyalty / create real loyalty.


TUTKAL is the trend of the future with online systems included in our loyalty projects, differentiate, we are giving direction to the sector.
  • tutkal
    In the simplest way, we help you gain customer loyalty and support by adding gaming elements to your sales processes, which can be defined as gamification the process of integrating game mechanics, participation and loyalty into something already existing.
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  • tutkal
    Digital Marketing & Brand Management
    Social media, which is accepted as the number one Internet activity in the world, is one of the indispensable elements of increasing the competitiveness of companies today.
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  • tutkal
    Animation Promotional Video
    We provide an added value for joint success by preparing promotional videos in a fun way to those who follow the system, participation and usage details of our loyalty project we have created for your brand.